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Ashley Krooks Multi 7 Figure Social Media Marketer & Mentor



Natalie Social Media Marketing Coach

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I don't have the typical story most people have Working Online where they absolutely hate their jobs & can't wait to get out of it. I don't HATE my job buuut it wasn't making me happy like it was before.

I started my Education Journey 5 years ago after graduating from college and after trying all my so called "Passions." I really didn't like to work but its because everything felt like work and not something I truly loved.

I was so happy to land a great career in Education with benefits, holidays off, weekends off, off at 4pm. It started off being the life I had yearned for. I didn't realize by the end of my first year I was completely Burnt Out.

Student Stress. Micro-Managing, Low Compensation, Livid/Unsupportive Parents, No Admin Support, Poor Mental Health, No Over-Time, Etc.

I Got So Burnt Out... πŸ˜”

I had nothing left to give to my fiancé after work, I was snapping at the people I loved because my mental health was suffering & I felt like I couldn't rely on my Admin for anything.

I love my students and the students that call me their favorite but I was slowly dying inside. No matter how I felt about the kids I wanted to get away. & that broke my heart to feel that.

I thought maybe I was just being lazy & unmotivated. Turns out I just didn't find the right career that was made for me.

I became a Social Media Marketer (SMM) to off set the stress of my teaching job. 

With SMM, I don't have a boss controlling when I do things, I make what I feel my work is worth (which is alot), I don't have to worry about other peoples' behaviors day in & day out, I have the support of my mentor and an Entire Community to help me when I need it, I work when I feel like it & I don't get punished for not working, I get to prioritize my mental health & never have to worry about losing my career.

SMM has allowed me to Buy a House for my fiancé & my pups, Get my Dad out of financial debt, start putting emergency money away, treat my friends and not have to ask them to pay me back, and to breathe easier in my day to day life.

It has been so freeing to know that I have this kind of Financial Abundance in my life and that I did something to help myself. Now I get to help other struggling Educators feel that same relief.

My plan is to finish out the school year with my students and be able to be a SMM Full-Time after that. I will miss being in the classroom and making a difference in these kids lives  but its time for me to take care of myself and build towards my dreams and not someone else. 😊

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Meet My Mentor, Tyler!

"Before finding this opportunity, I was terrified of spending the next 40 plus years suck in the 9-5 not able to do the things I truly wanted to do like TRAVEL and live a life of financial and time freedom.


Just 5 short months after finding this side hustle and completing the training I found myself saying GOODBYE to the 9-5 forever and making it Full-Time! I’ve been able to travel to places I’ve only dreamed of WHILE my career is running and bringing in 5 figure months.


Taking this scary step to start something new was the best thing I’ve ever done. And I wouldn’t have been possible without this platform and this community of like minded go getters. "




Meet Kristen, 6 Figure Marketer!

"I’m a 24 year old who had a mid-life crisis at age 23. I was the epitome of a cookie cutter lifestyle… graduated college a semester early, had my big-girl job lined up, started working full-time TWO DAYS after graduating (seriously??), was engaged to be married, got a mortgage and a dog – peachy, right?


My life on paper was legit the American Dream, but it wasn’t MY American Dream. I started this online career because nothing that a corporate job could offer me would fill the void I had.


I NEEDED location independence and time freedom (and to NEVER leave my pup again). I yearned to take trips on a whim, to hike on a random Tuesday, to explore the whole US in our RV with my husband and pup. And I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that until I retired in 40+ years… that wasn’t going to work for me.


Since starting my journey of Working Online I’ve changed so much in the best way possible. I’ve been able to quit my j.o.b., make more in a week than in a month at my j.o.b., moved to Mexico for a month, retiring my husband from his j.o.b., and beginning to plan our RV trip across the states… all while my pup stays by my side the entire time!


I cannot imagine how differently my life would be right now if I didn’t take the leap of faith into starting this online career! Thank you, thank you, thank you to my gut instinct!"



Meet Marissa, Multi 6 Figure Marketer #vanlifing🚐!

I was never the type of person that knew exactly what I wanted to do when I “grew up”. I went to college because that’s what was expected of me, but even after graduating, I still had no idea what I wanted.
HOW does any 23 year old know what they want for the next 45 years? They don’t!
I tried a ton of different paths, but wanted to use my degree SO badly, that I found myself in a career that not only made me miserable and Burnt Out, but had me crying every single day. I was 25 & there was NO way I was about to live this life for 40 years, just for retirement..
Sooo, I quit my job and 2 days later I found myself starting a career completely online. All of a sudden my passions became my brand & my brand became my career. I was able to be ME and live my ideal lifestyle. Not the lifestyle expected of me by others.
In the last 3 years I went from unfulfilled & confused about my future to confident, passionate and killin’ it online. ALL thru this side gig turned All The Time!
I’ve been able to retire myself & my fiancé from corporate FOREVER, create a multiple 6 figure online career, and now travel around the U.S full time in our converted sprinter van with unlimited Time, Financial & Location Freedom!
I am forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to change my life & help so many others along the way!

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